Triumphs own publicity picture from 1964
The top picture depicts the report pipe - Lower pic is a NOS item
Original pipe wall thickness nearly twice as thick as the Repro
Correct original exhaust E4886 - fitted to a TR6SC
Reproduction pipe fitted to a T120C - we understand the curve of the pipe is to allow easy access to the ignition without removal of the exhaust
NOS pipe fits bracket 70 4981 perfectly
Repro pipe
NOS pipe
Original pipe + Repro side by side
T120C at play during the 60s!!!!
Cycle World testing a TR6SC during 1965 - clearly shows the exhaust system as Triumph designed
1963 TR6SC as it arrived back from the USA - the pictures following are each fitted with the correct  pipes
The following pics are our first attempt at replicating the hi level system