Returned from the USA during 1997 it had been converted to road specification.. Fully rebuilt during 1998 as per TriCor 1963 brochure $1.095 new price

 Water colour painting underway

1963 TriCor brochure 

1963 JoMo brochure 

Enhanced picture 

Original tank picture from 1963 

NOS 1963 T100 tank - Regal Purple

Correct 1963 location for ET coils - Harness number 549331282 - same as T100SC - Lucas parts book CE830/63 further confirms 

Further original picture showing correct location of the ET coils

 Steve McQueens 1963 TR6120C, both pictures clearly show the HT leads going towards the rear to meet the underseat ET  coils for 63 only.

Correct fitment of the horn/dipswitch 

376/40 Carb fitted - 3.5 slide - 1 1/16"

Correct petrol taps now fitted F4971 

Correct kill switch and location - 1963 only

Correct silencers fitted for the East Coast model