Rocker spindle bodge

The following 4 pictures are from a 1971 T120 frame - came in for oil leaks! Frame had been bent/broken in several places - steering stop had been badly welded back in place(nearly). It just dropped off!!!!!!!
The locking ring catching the brake plate - from the same 1971 T120
Exhaust camshaft bush from a recently rebuilt engine!!!!!!!!!!! Dont think so

Not seen this before in all my years - Paint just peeling off a repaired/painted 1968 Triumph peanut tank.

Apocalyptic seizure - from a 1966 T120C
Removed from a 1963 T120R that had undergone a full rebuild - 76 miles on the clock!!!!!!!!!!! The following picture is from the same bike!!!!!!!!!
From a 1967 TR6C
In for a noisy engine - Camshaft nut loose - cam moving sideways whilst on the run!!!!!!
Link plate missing from a running bike!!!!!
Layshaft Torrington moved sideways!!!!!
How did the clutch plates disengage!!!!!
Oil ring broken up!!!!!
Rather large piston ring gap!!!!!!!!!!
Another example of a so called Triumph experts workmanship !!!!!!!
Keep those rear chain tensioned or this may be the outcome!!!!!
Found in the crankcase of a 1963 TR6SS during an  engine tear down!!!!!
From a recently rebuilt TR6!!!!!!!!

Front hub from a 1967 TT - The bike had been rebuilt by another one of those cowboys out there.......


3 holes drilled in case, upgrade to 70s breather spec - but he left the oil seal in the case!!!!!!!!

Same cowboy

And again

Crank taken from a running 1968 T120R - one of the flywheel bolts had been replaced by a metric bolt!!! A further flywheel bolt had snapped and left in place!!!! How did it not fall out and into the engine???
Piston ring taken from a 1981 Triumph TR7 Tiger - Approx 1" missing from the ring (lower picture), no damage to the bore - it must have been in this condition since manufacture at Meriden - the end shows its in this condition for a long time !!!!!!
Lower yoke  H1577 from a 1964 TR6SC !!!!
Oil seal fitted and the wrong way around on a 1970 T120R. The engine should breath through this bearing from 1970 on  - how can a builder make this mistake?
Oil seal now removed to allow the motor to breath
Someone needs glasses - gasket upside down
Primary chain snapped damage !!! Don't use a split link 
Taken from a running 1965 T120C
From  the same T120C - the kick start  worked, bend was from outside the gearbox outer cover
Again from the same T120C - - wonder what hit it?
Some fuse !!!!
From a 1966 T120R - wouldn't change gear correctly


Side stand lug broken off - see this many times
How not to install rocker spindles!
They say water gets into the forks, freezes overnight in the desert and splits the tubing!!!
3 inch tappets fitted to this machine, they forgot to enlarge the hole for the extra length tappet, hence the grooved case and camshaft bush
Damaged scavenge tube removed
Scavenge tube dented which may allow air to enter
Screwdriver or similar used to pry the barrel off!!!
Plug left out for many years - dirt/sand etc entered and formed the dome of the head
Fork stanchion bush retaining nut was not tensioned correctly!!!!!
High gear bearing housing cracked
MRJA 1 1/8" roller bearing, crank ground down and sleeve added at some point in the past - sleeve jammed in the bearing, what a mess!!!!!

1964 T120R - Crank been standing in a 3/4 full sump of water for ????many years
Crank removed from the cases - note the front mouth screw had been sawn off at some point in the past, left a gap between the cases

Gap between the cases where the screw had been cut in half!!!!
Crank timing side had been bashed at some point, left the quill mushroomed - can only assume this was caused by hitting the quill with a large object to remove the crank from the bearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS  
1969 Fork leg ( 6 3/4" yoke centres) fitted to a 1964  ( 6 1/2" yoke centres) !!!
From a 1964 T120R
High gear bush, taken from a running engine!!!!!! (T120R)

1967 TR6SC cylinder head - plug left out for many years - piston seized in barrel

1964 TR6SC head
The owner of this 1965 T120 said he couldn't get any gears Hmm...................
Tappet adjuster came loose...........(T120R)
2 Clutch plates missing (T140V)
Main shaft keyway+ taper destroyed (T140V)
Split link fitted to Triplex primary!!!!!!!!!!! (T140V)
3/8" Ball Bearing rolling around the gearbox outer cover!!! (T140V)
Large nut found laying in the gearbox.....awaiting disaster!!!!!! (T140V)
How not to install a sludge trap!!!! This is from a 62 T100, the installer didn't push the trap fully home to allow the fly wheel bolt peg insertion - the bung  couldn't be tensioned fully level with the crank - they then ground the bung level!!!!!!!! Animals
1960 Triumph 3TA piston........strange ring set up, top corner of piston disappeared
This pump had been fitted to a 650 engine with the protection sticker still in place!!!!!!! Lucky they never started the engine
Crank from the same T120 oil pump pic, to be sleeved then ground back to size
Further pics from the T120, cross threaded sump  plug thread
Circlip missing from the layshaft, again from the above T120 pics - the person who carried out this work requires naming and shaming
Brake drum cracked.
Further picture showing the extent of the cracked brake drum, crack extended over the brake shoe surface


Brake plate torque arm attachment position - Metric nut had been rived on !!!!!!!
Piston ring gap of .035" - Should be .014" - Taken from a BSA A65
The following 8 pictures are from a recently rebuilt 1965 T120TT by some person in the UK . I have been handed the bike to carry rectificatations
Shims found in the lower yokes, yoke bores oversize ,could not be clamped without the shims!!!!!!!!!
The following 12 pictures are from a 1938 Triumph 5T in for rebuild............
Camshaft from a rebuilt 1967 T120TT
Hi gear from a rebuilt 1967 T120TT  !!!!!!!!!
Rocker arm in a rebuilt1967 T120TT!!!!!!
1957 BSA A7 - Engine just in for rebuild - Araldite or similar repair had been carried out to the internal part of the crankcase many years ago!!!! - Beggars belief.
Slight tap and the repair fell apart - a bolt had been added to hold the repair in place!!!!!!!
BSA A7 -  Gearbox face totally destroyed - How can this have been so defaced, and how was it sealed????
I guess they must have used a lot of selant and a very thick gasket paper!!!!!!!!