1962-3 T120-TR6SC Unit Construction Identification Points

Frame ( F5448) - Rear section (F5449)

Vin number stamped on head lug, no model stamped only DU followed by the number.

No horn attachment on front torque stay lug

Wire extension welded to main stand spring lug - mid season

Front footrests (F5244/5) fit on sub frame lower bolt taper lugs

Swing arm spindle extracts from drive side

Main stand (F5530) fitted with detachable extension arm (F5350) Extensions welded to feet

Rear brake pedal (F5242) mounted to engine plate via a bolted on spindle (F5604)

Both rear engine plates (F5459/60) do not have provision for footrests - secured by 7/16" studs (E3114) + standard nuts

Petrol tank (USA 3 gall) is pre unit item with 3 point attachments added, dents for original (pre unit) seated rubbers are left in place - Petrol tap F4971-4972 secured by fibre washer F1511

8H Horn fitted under battery carrier, attached to mid way bracket on down tube by bracket F5086

Forks are pre unit items

Handlebars held by "P" bolt system - secured by plain washers, solid pull back yoke (Lug) H1287 was available JoMo service note 05-63 confirms 

No washers fitted to top rear suspension bolts (E2113)

Exhaust pipes (E4716/18) secured by slotted "L" brackets welded to pipe, extended to under the mid engine mount - secured to head by 21 finned clamps (E4501)

Long type silencers fitted E4949 - Both UK - USA

Rear footrest mounts made from 1/8" plate, fitted 1/8" spacers between plate and frame

Both handlebar levers have large ball brazed on blade, braze blended to blade, con slot for the cable

Petrol tank front support bolted on frame not welded (very early model)

Lock washers (W76) fitted to rear hub (Hot Rod mag June 63 confirms)

No logo on rear of seat

ET coils fitted under seat (this year only) same spec as T100SC (Lucas manual CE803/63 confirms) 

Gaylins book page 124 confirms the wiring harness(54933229) for a TR6SC was "Borrowed" from the T100SC which was also fitted with ET ignition (under seat location)

 Further confirmation from the 1963 Triumph (TriCor) sales brochure.

JoMo service note 5-63 - The electrical system is the same as the T100S/C

TriCor service sheet May 15 1963 - further confirms parts are exactly the same as the T100SC

Vintage Bike 2007-1 further confirms ET location

Detachable headlamp - 63  TriCor Sales brochure confirms

Kill switch 726204.Lucas parts list  CE 830/63 confirms

Swing arm distance between fork ends;  7 1/2"

Rear suspension (64054164) 12.9"


Cylinder head (E4928) Nine point fixing

Small crankcase drain plug (E4543) 3/4" x 16TPI

Blanking plug at rear of gearbox (E4579)

No TDC provision at rear of crankcase

Smaller alternator plug (Early T100 type)

Breather pipe 6-8" long - dischrage deposited direct to ground

Drive side oil seal spring points away from engine (TriCor Mechanics Training manual 1967 confirms - TG Gunn )

Kick start short type (T1270) Pre unit item

Barrel inner nuts(W76) machined from .525 across flats bar

Oil feed pipes secured by ferrules

Rev counter drive taken direct from exhaust camshaft

Carb manifolds joined by plastic pipe (Hot Rod mag June 63 confirms)

Engine casing can catch the frame - to the right of the side stand lug - casting line removed on later models

Guards - Tinware

Front guard (H1294) and stays are from pre unit model - no dents to clear gaiters

Rear guard - 3 variants have been viewed on original bikes:

1. Centre rib extended from the tip to the bolted section at the rear frame

2. Rib extended past the sub frame, interrupted to clear the seat then extends full length

3. Bridge riveted to the guard(early production) as per pre unit item (Hot Rod June 63 mag confirms)

Rear chain guard (F5371) front section is scalloped to follow contours of the primary chain case - No skirt on lower section - Stop light switch (31383) is push type

Tool tray (F4875) hangs between the oil tank and battery carrier

Oil tank froth tower slants inwards, no drain plug hole fitted - lower seating bracket as a "L" shaped item- oil lines secured by ferrules, not clamps


Amal Monobloc 376/302(T120) 376/40 (TR6) JoMo technical info manual spec 1 1/16" no chokes - 3 1/2" slide - chrome bellmouths

Flat bowl screws (376/151) safety wired

Alloy dual twistgrip 313/6 T120 - TR6 Chrome single pull

Dual air filter E5262 was not fitted to the 1963 build year - was made available together with carb adaptors E4576 29 November 1963, TriCor Service bulletin confirms -

Instruments - T120 - TR6SS/C

Speedometer - Chronometric SC5301/26 -  140 MPH (T120)

Tachometer -    Chronometric RC1307/02 -  10.000 RPM (T120)

Speedometer - Chronometric SC5301/03 -  120 MPH (TR6SS/C) 

 Tachometer -   Chronometric RC1307/01 -  8.000 RPM (TR6SS/C

                         Triumph 1963 sales brochure advises a 10.000 RPM was fitted to T120


Front : Dunlop ribbed 325 x 19 ( Speedmaster)

Rear :  Dunlop Universal 400 x 18 (K70)

Wheel Offset

Front : Brake hub level with rim edge

Rear:   Bolt on hub flange to rim edge 3/8" or From sprocket edge to rim edge 1 5/8"

Paint work

Frame :   All black

Tank :     Alaskan white(T120) TR6 Regal purple/Silver

Guards : Alaskan white with Gold centre lines edged in black - TR6 Regal Purple -Silver centre lines edged in gold


Wheels:   6204RSR sealed

Gearbox: Main shaft  SKF6303

                 Layshaft     B.1112 - M11121

Engine ;   Timing side MJ 1 1/8"   C2 or 00 spec

                Drive side   MRJA 1 1/8" CN or 00 spec - original fitting MJ 1 1/8"

 Tricor brochure


 Johnson Motors (JoMo) brochure


 Drive side crank oil seal fitment 63-69

Lucas Spares Listing CE 830/63, clearly states-When fitted with ET equipment, ignition details are as for T100SC 

Hot Rod Magazine June 1963 - Bonny Bloomer section 

ET Coil mount position for T120C - TR6SC

ET coils 45149 - Wiring Harness 54933229

Extension arm from the 63 only centre stand 82 5350

Meriden publicity picture from 1963, showing the correct 31383 push type stop switch

1963 Triumph 650 fork specifications, in the main pre unit items